Small Business Tech Made Simple

Small business tech support.

I help small businesses keep their employees up and running. From onsite/in-home setup & troubleshooting to remote desktop support, I provide a variety of tech support services to small businesses throughout Central Ohio. Running a small business in 2020 is hard. I make IT simple.

Small business process analysis, creation & improvement.

For small businesses, getting from A to Z isn't always an easy journey and can require resources that may be out of reach. I help small business owners and leadership teams create new and improve existing processes that promote efficiency and lead to profitable results without breaking the bank.

Websites & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Managing your online reputation and ensuring your business is always present when someone is searching for you is mission critical, but it doesn't have to be overly complicated or unaffordable. I help small businesses setup and maintain a positive online presence without the smoke and mirrors.

Social media & content marketing.

Bringing awareness to your brand has taken a new shape in the digital age. I help small businesses generate brand buzz by using social media and content marketing to get the word out and attract new customers.

Offering virtual & onsite consultation services at affordable rates throughout the Greater Columbus Area.

  • Introductory consultations and project proposals (onsite/virtual/no contact): FREE

  • Virtual/Remote support: $75/hr billed in quarter hour increments

  • Onsite support: $100/hr billed in quarter hour increments

  • Monthly managed support & retainer packages: Available by request

COVID-19 Precautions

As news around the coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, I am taking extra precautions to keep my customers and my family safe. In addition to following guidance from the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention along with national and local governments, I am also offering virtual support/consultation sessions at a reduced rate of $75/hr and can provide 100% contact-free project proposals. I can also schedule onsite support & consultation visits during off-hours to ensure social distancing and adherence to updated building capacity mandates.

Get To Know Me

My name is Tim Sistrunk, and for the last 15 years I've spent my career helping small business owners grow their companies to the next level. There's nothing in my professional life that I find more fulfilling than figuring out how to use technology to make other peoples' jobs easier.

My technical career began at a local IT support startup back in 2009 where I started as an independent sales rep. Throughout my first year, I spent a lot of time after hours with the business owner learning about what goes on behind the scenes to keep a business running smoothly. I quickly transitioned into an operations role and fell in love with the challenge of implementing and managing new ideas, processes and procedures that would help the company grow at a healthy pace.

I've also worked in operations related roles at a local digital marketing agency and a local residential roofing company. My efforts in both roles were focused on helping those companies get to their next level through supporting day-to-day business functions and promoting sustainable growth.

When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my wonderful wife Marietta and our amazing son, Henry. We are both from Columbus and we love spending time at the playground with Henry, going on walks, reading, playing video games, traveling, and cooking, especially BBQ.

Looking for tech support for your small business, or maybe you just need help on your next tech project? Let's talk! Send me your contact information using the form (below on mobile, beside on desktop) and I'll follow up right away!